The Adaptive Retail Experience

PWC has published a number of papers on the topic of Adaptive retail experience. Their research shows that the consumer is expecting more from the retail experience Consumers are increasingly sophisticated, informed and will not wait for local service providers to catch up. - PWC

At QuayPay we try to make payments part of a uniform customer experience in both the online and physical retail space. We can achieve this by streamlining the payment process and providing flexible integration options.

The use of technology is vital to the successful operation of all businesses. Implementing robust, agile systems that are compatible with various business tools will assist in providing a seamless customer experience, while streamlining and simplifying business operations. Consolidation and integration are key to adopting a Consumer Adaptive Retailing model – enabling business to be flexible and fluid in their approach to retailing.- PWC

Below is a table published by PWC that summarises some of the key technologies in adaptive retailing. It is important to consider these in your retail strategy not just for marketing but for flexible transaction processes.


pwc snip