QuayPay allows for a cross-platform payment solution that integrates into your online store and bricks & mortar retail environment. We have a strong focus on enabling engaging retail solutions through in-store content and in-store mobile experiences.

By taking advantage of the latest mobile technology such as iBeacon and NFC you can launch your own in-store digital wallet and control the customer experience. 


Venues patrons and night-lifers are smart phone advocates. QuayPay can provide in-app payments for night-life mobile applications and marketing services that allow for new experiences.

Our live merchant dashboard can provide real-time alerts including profile pictures and your customers loyalty status. 

Publishing and Content Marketing

It is important to maintain your branding and customer relationship within Apps and digital publications. QuayPay allows you to accept payments within your publication so your reader can continue interacting with your content. This is enabled by single sign-on through social media allowing for one tap payments.


Publish your own content without going through the App store and giving away 30% of your sale. 

Audiovisual Integration

Hotels, Conference centres and Universities can integrate payments into their AV touch panel. This can provide a way to charge customers on an hourly basis to use your facilities. 

Furthermore, you could integrate into hospitality systems so your AV touch panel can double as a catering ordering system. 

The Team

Cameron Reeves
Stephen Von Takach
Carlos Piteira
Jon McFarlane

The Board

Carlos Piteira
Jon McFarlane
Riad Tayeh