A payment platform for

smart buildings 

A single API that links Authentication into payments. This can enable a digital wallet for your smart building. 


Manage Loyalty points

Manage your payments and loyalty points in the one place. It's a simple concept really: if you reward your customers for engaging with your brand you will increase your repeat business. QuayPay allows you to build your own points system so your customers can receive points for making payments and redeem points to receive discounts. The point value is set by you so you can apply any number of rules in real-time on the QuayPay dashboard.

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Accept Credit Cards

Don't make your customers leave your website or app to make a payment. By using our simple embed code you can accept credit cards and maintain the customer experience. Best of all you can use our API to allow for one-tap payments so your customers never have to fill in a payment form again!

Turn your corporate authentication into a digital wallet. 


You can use your single sign on system (such as ADFS, OAuth, OpenID) to access apps and services in your organisation. QuayPay integrates with your authentication and allows you to add a credit card to your user account. This allows you to have payments and points built into any of your apps including your smart building solution.  You can use this to pay for access, rooms, drinks, coffee or anything available in your building or precinct. As the lines between retail, workplace, entertainment and education are blurring- QuayPay allows you to facilitate payments as your users move from one experience to the other.  


Data-enable your business

By combining single sign-on with loyalty and payment data you can learn a lot from your customers. This enables QuayPay to be used in the real world providing one system for both bricks & mortar and online transactions. Get in touch to discuss how you can use real-time data for real-time marketing. 


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